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Real People. Real​ Dancing. 

Real Life Moments.

Start Dancing with a Complimentary Lesson.

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Dancing for Real People in Real Life

Latin dancing is not just for the people on TV. Ballroom dancing isn't just for Grandma and Grandpa. Learning to dance is not just for people who have a partner or people looking for one!

Dancing is for YOU, a real person! Some people learn to dance for fun fitness. Others are looking for a diversion from day to day stress. Still, others want more to life than going home to the TV. And, some people want to be challenged by learning something new and reaching for new goals.

Real people may not know how to dance, but they're willing to stretch their comfort zone and learn. Learning to dance opens doors to experiencing more fun and creating more moments in real life. Real people dance on special social occasions like weddings, holiday parties, and reunions. Real people challenge themselves to set goals by dancing at competitions and recitals. Real people dance on vacations and cruises. Real people dance in dorm rooms, kitchens, in the streets, and on the beach. Real dancing is for kids, teens, parents, couples, and individuals. Dancing creates opportunities to meet people, enhance social circles, and build confidence and connections.

So, it's real simple...real people, real dancing, real life moments. And, you may discover, dancing is really fun!

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At The Real Ballroom Dance Studio in Tampa Florida, we're here to help you fall in love with dancing. We recognize there is not a one size fits all way to learn to dance. Our friendly, experienced instructors will work with you to help you find the right fit. Please call to schedule your complimentary dance lesson and consultation. We look forward to meeting you.

Start dancing today! 

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What Happens on a Dance Lesson?

Have you ever wondered what happens on a dance lesson at the

 Real Ballroom? Check out this video!

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