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Move to the Beat

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Let loose and learn some new moves at The Real Ballroom Dance Studio! You could be a beginner or you could be an experienced dancer. Your goals could be social or competitive. No matter what style of dancing you are interested in: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, or Salsa we have options perfect for you!

Private Dance Lessons 

On a Private Dance Lesson, an individual or couple works with their own teacher. Each lesson is tailored to fit your unique dance goals.  We go at your pace and focus on the dances you are interested in learning. Private lessons can be scheduled by appointment Monday through Saturday. 

Group Dance Classes 

In this type of class, one instructor teaches a group of students. We offer a rotating selection of dances and levels each week. Our group classes are structured to reinforce fundamental skills, while challenging you with unique, fun combinations appropriate for your level. Feel free to drop in! 

Dance Parties 

During our dance parties or "socials," we play a variety of music and dance a variety of different dances. This is an opportunity to put it all together, let your hair down and just dance! This is the best way to get ready to go dancing in the real world. If you're looking for someplace to dance in Tampa on a Friday night, dance with us!


Check out the 


Group Class & Event Calendar!

Contact us for more information about our Group Classes and upcoming events. 

Private Lessons are available Monday through Saturday 

by appointment. 

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Real Kids 

Ballroom & Latin Dance Classes

Contact the studio for more information!


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wedding dance lessons, first dance, dance classes tampa

Wedding Dance Lessons

From the First Dance to the last, and all the dances in between, let us help you with ALL of your special dances. Whether your style is: simple, romantic, fun, or exciting, 

we will help you create a wedding dance that is 


We also enjoy developing Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dances. Wedding Party Dances. Reception/Party Dancing. 

Anniversary Dances and more! 

We look forward to bringing your vision to life on the dance floor!

What Our Dance Students Say 

"I am 73 years old and began dancing a couple of years ago to be able to perform at my daughter’s wedding. I went in scared as could be due to bad experiences when younger. I had instructors in other schools younger than my daughter with no wisdom and little experience. Frankly, it was horrific. I can’t tell you how many times I couldn’t wait to leave those lessons and threatened to quit.

After a host of trying and unfortunate experiences, I was referred to Karena of The Real Ballroom for lessons. And it was at that point that the whole thing changed for me. Not only did I gain a great teacher, but a great friend. Both Karena and Danilo have been so supportive, knowing just when to push me a little more, and to be there when my confidence hits bottom. The patience and compassion are never-ending. The pace is just right, and when I hit a wall, we stop, and she explains exactly what’s going on for me and encourages me to keep going. The wisdom and experience of this pair are incredible. And now I look forward to lessons twice weekly, and those lessons seem to finish so quickly because it’s so much fun for both of us."

~ Larry V

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